My favourite Corset and Thigtlacing Videos

Welcome on Corset Videos Corset Videos is a Video-blog where I collect nice videos about corsets, corsetry, waist training and tightlacing. As I'm spending a lot of time in the internet looking for corsetphotos, stories and videos for inspiration, I thought that this might be interesting for you as well. If you have any suggestions or links about a corset-video please contact me. This should become a really nice corset-video collection!! Hope you like it!!!

Corset blog updates

Corset Video - Corseted Lung Capacity

A cute girl - already posted some of her corset videos - talks about her lung capacity when wearing a tighlaced underbustcorset. good demonstration about how much the lung capacity changes when she's wearing a corset. happy viewing - viv

Corset Video - answering Corset Questions

The girl from the last corset video I have posted here has another video where shes answerign some corset related questions. Of course she is tight laced in a 20 inch underbust corset while answering questions. Enjoy it - Viv

Corset Video - Self lacing into a 20 inch underbust corset

very nice made video showing a pretty girl lacing herself into a 20 inch underbust corset. Completly closing the corset!!! The result is an amazing tight laced hour-glas figure!!! love it!!

Corset Video - How to put on an underbust corset

If you are clueless about how to put on your first corset - this video shows you how to put on an underbust corset by yourself.
A really useful and nice demonstration by "What Katie did".

Enjoy it
- Viv

Corset Video - Self lacing of a black underbust Corset

In this corset-video a cute girl laces a black underbust corset over a nice white dress all by herself. The corset is about 20 or 22 inches - and not fully closed ;).

- Vivian

Corset Video - very tight corseted model

This video is made on a fashion show of Thierry Mugler - showing a very tight corseted model. I would guess she is tightlaced to about 19 or maybe even 18 inches - but moves very elegant on the catwalk!!

Corset Video - A very skinny model wearing a thightlaced corset

a very skinny model wearin a very tight corset - must be something around 16inches i guess. although i think the model is a bit too skinny - i still like the amazing hourglass-shape the corset creats.